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Sharing My Passions & Perspectives

I’m a blogger in a Brooklyn flat in New York City and this is my personal blog. This blog is not only for sharing my experiences about anything, but to also help others see that their beliefs are not the center of the universe.

The beginnings of this blog stemmed from my desire to write. Writing is one of my stronger interests as pen and paper have always been my outlet. Art and recently street photography are also two of my better interests.

It is my hope to expand your realm of awareness by sharing my stories, art, ideas, and street photography. Knowledge is the first defense against fighting -isms. You may not always agree with me. Hey, I may even make you mad. But instead of coddling your feelings, focus on the message that is being delivered.

Rather read my work on your favorite platform? You can also find me on Steemit at and Medium at



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