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Black People Celebrating the Slave-Trading Family

Black People Celebrating the Slave-Trading FamilyDear Black People Celebrating the Slave-Trading Family

Born on this day, May 19th in 1925 as a child to Garveyite parents, Malcolm was a Black Muslim American civil rights leader opposed to Black Americans’ dependence on the white establishment. In the United States, white Americans fought hard to keep Black Americans in poverty. Racist tactics they used were discrimination, hate-mongering, torture and murder to keep us out of jobs, homes, education,

Following the teachings of Marcus Garvey, Malcolm disagreed with Martin Luther King that Black Americans should seek integration with whites. Instead, Malcolm advocated for total independence from white society by establishing Black-owned schools, banks, and jobs. He encouraged that Blacks should create these privately-owned establishments so we could secure our financial and education futures.

However, white Americans hell-bent on keeping Black society in a state of poverty, for no other reason than for us being Black, didn’t want us to have either a society of our own, nor share the public space either.  So whites, fueled with Christianity, nationalism and a false sense of patriotism, had both of the civil rights leaders brutally assassinated, Malcolm on February 21st, 1965 and Martin Luther King shortly after on April 4th 1968. Both died from gunshot wounds.

The Slave-Trading Family of They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Coincidentally, today was also the wedding of the slave-trading British family of they-who-must-not-be-named. However, I see Black people such as this lady celebrating them. I often wonder about the mentality of Black people who worship white heritage. I am honestly curious about how many gigawatz of white supremacy does it take to achieve that level of mind-fuck 🤔. So, Black people celebrating the slave-trading Family, why do you do this?

We all know, the “royal” estates run red with the blood of millions of African, Indian and other indigenous peoples around the world that they slaughtered and disenfranchised to build them. They still own the luxury items they purchased with that slave-trade money. Hell, they probably wore the same jewelry they bought in the 1700s with slave money at the wedding! Europeans still profit from the corpses of Blacks that they put on display in museums. Yet, despite all that, we still have Black folks who completely abandon anything related to their own heritage and try to mimic and participate in white culture. Black people celebrating the slave-trading family is like trying to fit a cube in a round hole.

I suppose you’re all celebrating it because it involves so much money and glam. Well, the glam you’re looking at is from the pile of receipts from the British “royals” selling Africans into slavery. The British profited roughly $247 billion by selling your great, great, great grandparents, of which, you never received a red dime of.  You will not find Jewish people celebrating anything related to Hitler coming out of Germany, no matter how glamorous it is!

Enslaved Minds Are Worse Than Shackled Hands

But I suppose, the fascination of watching a life of unimaginable riches from generational wealth (that you will never have) of the descendants of slave-traders who profited off of your family, is enough for you that you don’t care. Which is a big part of many Black peoples’ problem. White colonization, on Black people no matter where they reside in the world, causes them to not care. About. Anything. Black. Additionally, Black people consistently applaud irrelevant “achievements” that do not move us, as a people, any further. A white British royal marrying a bi-racial American who is white-passing is not a win for Black folks in Europe or abroad. It will change nothing. It will not get Black folks jobs. It will not get Black folks higher pay. It will not stop discrimination, racism, police brutality, or redlining. It means nothing. And frankly, I am exhausted of Black folks cheering things that, at the end of the day, don’t amount to a hill of beans.

In conclusion, I am sure those of you Black people celebrating the slave-trading family of they-who-must-not-be-named, did nothing for Malcolm’s X’s birthday; that’s if you even knew today was his birthday. But, at least I got you to read something about him over celebrating the marriage of the family who sold your family into slavery.

Stockholm syndrome is one hell of a disorder.🦉

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