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I had a good night as far as loot went, with Gor last night.  Got Bloodvenom Blade and Sanctified Handguards for tanking.  I love free upgrades.  There was a small bit of drama over the Bloodvenom Blade though.  I was dual wielding Frost Giants Cleaver and Soulbreaker I think its called, can’t remember. But after I won BB, the rogue in the raid whispers me asking to buy it off me.  I told him nope … then he ninja logs in the middle of the raid.  Not my fault … learn to roll higher.  He rolled a 67 and I rolled a 69 … 69 should auto win rolls anyway in my opinion.  Deathbringer Saurfang, the murderer of pug 25s.  What was really cool though is that I then did Vault of Archavon 25 and then won again with a 69 on the Sanctified tank gloves. Lol?


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