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A few weeks ago I was sitting at my PC as usual, surfin the web and then I heard *POP*! … I thought they were gun shots (hey I live in a bad neighborhood), but the funny thing was it sounded like it was right beside me, so I paid it no mind … until several days later when I tried to play WoW … all of a sudden I couldnt. I was playin my Horde shadow priest Stighmata and then everything came to a halt; the sound started skipping for a few seconds, the screen froze and then everything returned back to normal. It started getting so bad I couldn’t play WoW at all.

I have an EVGA e-GeForce 7600 video card. I thought maybe it came loose or something becaue it was freezing so much and thats when I noticed the capacitors … they had popped open and leaking fluid. I went out and bought me a BFG GeForce 7300 thinking it would be as good since my 7600 rocked … NOT. It couldnt even run the game without hitting 8 frames. So then I went out and got a GeForce 8400 … boy was that a piece of shit. 10 frames at max res? Hell on my GeForce 7600 I could get 30 frames with video settings maxed out. So finally i took that piece of shit back to Bestbuy too and now here I sit with an exploded video card. It runs … but it just wont run WoW.

I described my situation to a guildie and he said it was because of electritic capacitor leaking caused from incorrectly designed capacitors. I was like wtf. So I read up a little more and low and behold, I saw pictures of capacitors that blew up just like mine … and then to see someone who said when they explode they sound like firecrackers … I thought of the gun shots I thought I heard. Unreal.

So today I called up EVGA and told them about the capacitors popping and they said I had a 2 year warranty on it, and they setup an RMA request for replacement. WooHoo.


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