Bought A New Car

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I went to Hall Honda and bought me a 2002 Civic HX today. Yeah the same one I looked about a month ago 🙂 Miraculously the car was still there so I guess it was meantfor me to have. At first the salesman did not even know it was there, but then he disapeared for about 30 minutes and said that they had the car out back; he thought someone had bought it but they didn’t. I originally went there to look at the 2005 Civic DX Value Package but someone bought it right from under my nose … literally. But the HX is better than the DX anyway in that the DX has nothing in it but AC. The HX is shweet. It has cruise control, power everything but windows (the DX had power nothing), a Vtec-E engine … the DX wasn’t even V-tec.

Funny thing … I have never heard of an HX but its their high fuel efficient model which gets 44mpg hwy/ 34 city; with Bush behind the helm in Washington, I need a car like this. Also upon my researching of HX, I discovered there is also another model called a GX which I have never heard of either. I thought there were only DX, LX and EX models; I guess they are the more popular but I have never seen an HX or GX on a car lot either; seems they may be rare or something because even when browsing over the Internet, I have not read about too many having an HX and I have not read about anyone with a GX.

So I have me a tree-hugger car but at least I am back on the road again; 117hp strong. My buddy Mike says that all I have to get is an intake (something) from an EX at a junk yard and that will get me 10 more ponies like the EX. Shweet.

As for the CRX, I put him on hold for a while after I got to thinking. My sister’s friend smashed the windshield the other day while arguing with her boyfriend so that really ticked me off; something else on hold to buy for the car. I figured that having a reliable transportation to work was far more priority than souping my car up on a budget so it would not be everything I wanted it to be, and besides what if something had to get put on hold or went over the budget for the swap; I would have no money to buy a car because it all would have been burnt on the motor. Then I would be on foot waiting for the tech … after I thought of all that … to me it spelled “nightmare” and wasted money. So I think I made a good choice economically in buying a reliable car and putting the CRX B16 upgrade project on hold for a while.


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