Censorship & Suspension: Twitter is for the Birds

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I keep two Twitter accounts, one for family and friends and the other to communicate with people I don’t know on the Internet.  I don’ want just random bros from the web all up in my personal business, even though I don’t put my personal business on the web anyway, but just in case, I keep the two seperate.  Anyhow, one of the trending topics last night as it’s been for many nights is of the former LA cop Christopher Dorner who went on a revenge streak to expose the corruption and police brutality of LAPD, as if that’s any new secret.  Well word was going around on Twitter that by the request of LAPD, any tweets with the hashtag of #Dorner would be censored out.  I didn’t think it was true … until people began posting their screenshots of their censored tweets.  And then upon browsing the web more about Twitter censorship, it turns out this is not anything new Twitter to Censor Tweets Country-by-Country.

In addition to censorship, Twitter has hidden rules.  For instance, about a month ago, I created an account with nothing but news sources such as CNN, Hufington Post, etc so I could keep up to date on the different news sources all in one place. I think I signed up for about 20 or so news publications ranging from everyday news, to earthquakes, tech news, science news, etc. I logged in to my Twitter account the next day and found my account suspended, without ever even creating a tweet.  I signed up again with the same news sources, again account suspended.  I tried about 10 different accounts, all suspended and no reply from Twitter when I sent a ticket; that was over a month ago.

So Twitter, what the hell are you getting at?  What are these hidden rules?  Do you just not like how many profiles I follow in a given time or what?  Are you going the way of “Mugshot Book” (a.k.a. Facebook) and are now suppressors of freedom of speech and blockage of information? I mean seriously what’s going on here?  Do I have to resort to newspapers and writing letters again?  I am not even sure I know how to even write anymore.

I’m officially done with Twitter


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