Class Reunion

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My class reunion is tonight @ Jillian’s and I am real nervous about going. It seems like high school was an entire lifetime ago and to see all those people over again will feel like a paradox. To see who got fat, got married, got famous, got kids, and those who still ain’t got nothing will be interesting. I was somewhat popular in the school only because most of us lived in the same neighborhood, but I can’t say I was popular in my class, I rarely hung out with anyone from my class because I spent 99.5% of my time in orchestra before and after school, and weekends like Julliard and when I did hang out with anyone, they did not go to my high school anyway, or they were not in my class.

I’m not really that enthused about going; I didn’t have much, if any friends back in high school from my class and my best friend graduated a year before me but I still see her almost every friggin day since she lives only 2-3 miles from me so I haven’t lost anything really. I am mostly interested in my orchestra mates, which I think there are only three, but one of which I saw a few months ago. My mom also ran into him last week and told her to remind me of the class reunion.

*Sigh* I guess I’ll go since I have already paid for the ticket but I am so closed and anti-social. It really takes a lot out of me just to get up the nerve to approach someone. I was that way in high school but worse. I never said anything. Extremely shy. I stayed to myself. Very quiet. I’ve got a mouth that won’t stop now but I think once I get around all those people again, I will have a re-lapse of personality cancer.


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