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I get a call today from Theo, my friend saying he was going to kill himself because he and his girlfriend Diedra broke up. She and her Mom had thrown Theo out of the house and he was the one who was paying the bills; it was actually he and Diedra’s house. Said she would ask hundreds of money from him and he would just give it so she would shut-up. She spent the money on herself, friends and of course probably the man she was cheating on the side of him too who by the way she has a baby by. It all fueled up when Theo finally came to his senses and stopped giving her money. He also told me how he had $10,000 in the bank that he allowed her to burn up in his name. Theo said he met Diedra in his old neighborhood where her Mom was a prostitute and some other shit and they were from Detroit, Chicago or some place or another. He says he honestly does not know because she keeps lying about where she is from. And at the time, he chose her over me because she was a bigger freak than I was. Well, I guess that’s a compliment since I would rather it be something trivial and stupid as that than her looking better than me or her being smarter than me. It actually did not hurt my heart to hear that. He told me that a different night but I was at Dollar General at that time and I
tried to calm Theo down. I asked to come see him but he said no because he had been living out of his truck and did not look good. I could respect that but I was concerned because I could hear him over the phone beating on the steering wheel and crying about him losing his kids and also losing Diedra.Diedra. We go way back to the summer of 2000 when I first met Theo at the car wash on Aberdeen. Back then, Theo and I were just hang-around buddies who went out together and basically slept with each other. I did not want anything from him because I could tell when he met me, he was a dog and back then I was also a player so I was not trying to hear no love shit. (yes men, women do play too). I was washing my car when Theo came around the corner, some words were exchanged and I told him “I do not have time for you”. And I didn’t. Besides, I thought he was ugly. I was making bookoo dollars at Gateway and did not want any males dabbing in it. He was driving a 98 green Honda Civic … I was driving a green Honda CRX … could the match be any more canny? He gave me his number but I did not call him.

So anywho, I got bored that night and thought maybe I could have some fun with this ugly guy who scratched “Theo” with his number on a piece of paper. I came over his house on Lucas Creek, we watched movies, and I basically slept with him and the next morning we had talked about some personal things b/t us. I had to get up and go to work. He did not want me to leave. He grabbed my arm and said “Noooo!”. I still remember that shit to this day. Not the conversation we had but the Nooo thing because I thought this was a completely consentual one-night stand .. why the fuck is this man (this ugly man) grabbing my arm and begging me not to leave like I am his bitch. I don’t know him from Adam and Eve and prefer to keep it that way. I just met him yesterday and I wanted nothing purely but sex. No hard feelings babe but I don’t want you like that.

Well, things got a little tight between Theo and I. We hung out, went to the beach, street-raced cars every once in a while … and I found myself actually having a little bit of feelings for this boy. He was the one who got me into street racing in the first place. It got to the point where I bought him a shaver for his birthday and I bought his daughter Tanika a bail full of popcorn for Christmas. I still kept our relationship completely and utterly superficial because I knew to care for a player … ya get played. I knew he was sleeping with other men and I am sure, since I slept with him the first day I met him, he had to have known I was sleeping with other
people too. But I really don’t remember. I don’t think that I was sleeping with anyone else but him at that time. I knew there was a guy named Steve Mixon a co-worker at Gateway but I don’t remember if he came before or after Theo. I also was involved with Mohamed, a co-worker at Gateway but I think he was after Theo. But in any case, I was a player who knew the rules of the game and I was oh-so-not-having-it.

Then one day, I get a call from some girl on my phone talking about to stay away from her man. That was my run in with Diedra. Theo never told me he had a girl; I knew he was a freak. The sex was good so that is why I kept it that way.

We were completely sexual partners, nothing more and nothing less and we both made that clear and understood from jump. I basically in a nutshell told her that your so-called *man* did not tell me anything about her so you need to take that up with him if he is denying you in the streets. There ain’t jack anyone can do if your man is telling the world you don’t exist. And if he was your man in the first place, a TRUTHFUL man, a man worth anyone’s time, he would not be screwing the entire female population in Newport News in the first place. That was the end of conversation. No hard feelings since I never really gave a fuck about him in the first place. I never talked with Theo again and I never slept with him again either – I think that was the time I started sleeping with Steve and Kevin. Well except for once and the last time when I moved out of my apartment at Seven Oaks in October of 2000. I was in the process of moving out my furniture by myself when he popped up and we had booty-balled sex on the furnitureless living room floor.

It was the last time I had sex with him but not the last time I had seen him. The other times I had seen him was when I would take my mom to work because they both worked for the Portsmouth Shipyard. Occasionally, since everyone had to be at work at the same time, he would pull up beside me in a red Honda Prelude and we would run side-by-side each other racing down the bridge like old times. Completely coincidental I ran into him those times.

Come to find out the Civic I so loved (which I loved more than him) had gotten hit by a truck and totalled and he got a red Honda Prelude that I absolutely loved. That was until I got my “Jesus-streak” in 2001 and forgot all about Theo, got married in 2002 and moved to California. That is a long story for a different day … I’ll tell you about it sometime.

But that was how Diedra and I ran into each other the first time back in 2000 and then she was 19 years old and still did not have much sense then either. It was not a heated conversation because honestly, I didn’t care, she could have him as far as I was concerned because I don’t want a dog for a man. Don’t have time for that shit. All I wanted was sex and I could get it a dime for a dozen, no sweat off my back I had backups. I am good at reading peoples’ characters without knowing them, especially men and I knew from day one that Theo was a dog.

But that’s the scoop on Diedra … tea anyone?


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