Don’t get happy because you got the email about #Facebook owing you money

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You’re getting $10 or less no matter what when in fact they could have (and probably did) made more than that off your social info. Unless you live in an under-developed country where $10 is equivalent to a gajillion in your country’s currency, it’s paltry. I’ve picked up more than that just finding money laying in the street. And second with the thousands if not millions of people claiming the class action lawsuit, there are going to be more people than the money allotted and will go to charity. Yes, that is what happens if more people claim for more money than what’s in the pot; it all goes to charity. But not the kind of charity that you and I think of, it will go to another corporation that invests the money right back into Facebook, so they lose nothing.

So yeah don’t get too happy about that check, I too got that email and personally I’m not even looking for that $10 to come.


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