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Ya know, everytime there’s the slightest twirl of water in the Atlantic, the local news here goes overboard.  They play all this dramatic music HURRICANE BLA BLA BLA CATEGORY 20 HURRICANE!! and show us all these video clips of hurricane damage that probably isn’t even footage of the same hurricane, probably stuff from like 10 years ago that isn’t even from our area.  I mean, I know you need ratings but come on, you’re the LOCAL news … everyone watches their local news by default so why fight for ratings; you’re like the power company, you get our money by default because you’re a necessity.  Funny thing is the local news didn’t use to be that way.  They used to report news and gave you the facts; that’s it.  But now it’s like watching CSI or something.  They got the whole football play by play of where the storm is headed (even though most the time it’s wrong) that almost ALWAYS shows my little peninsula area in harm’s way … then we get nothing but a strong breeze and showers.

People flock to the stores like its’ the last sale at Walmart … completely unnecessary.  The hurricane is *allegedly* supposed to hit tomorrow (yea right).  Pfft, while everyone is flocking to the stores for food and supplies, I’m gonna be heading to the mall to buy video games.  If I’m going to be locked in, I’d rather be locked in the house with Kratos. SO BRING IT HURRICANE EARL!!

This pic moves! You can keep checking this picture for the latest graphical updates on Hurrican Earl.
I’ll keep it stickied on my blog until the storm blows itself out, so it appears first on my blog.
Original post date 9/1 @ 9:30AM

Death of Hurricane Earl



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