FFS!! … This is the crap I’m talkin about

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So I login to WoW today, just to check my mail and I have a message from my guild lead … and it reads “Your cut of the guild bank” with 2700g attached.  I thought to myself Uh Oh now what?  I checked the in-game Guild tab … its still yellow so I’m still in a guild. But then the gmotd says Sanctity is no more. Keep in touch.  /insert Nerdrage: See … this is the crap I’m talkin about. I checked the guild log and most everyone had gquit.  So now I’m guildless yet again … thanks Mal’Ganis.  #1 Server in the United States? I don’t see how with all this fail going on or maybe its just the people I come in contact with.  This will be the second guild in 2 months that I’ve been in that has formed and disbanded in less than 30 days.  And the thing is neither guild I have been in has been bad … kickass players … just no one shows up for raids so raids get called.

If only I were super rich and could make 24 more accounts all connected to a super PC and I could 25-box then that way i don’t have to depend on anyone just to play a game.

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