Gör the Undying

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Finally got bored enough to bother getting my Undying achievement yesterday and got pissed off  last night in ICC 25 because I got saved to fail; only made it to a 4/12 run before idiots started randomly leaving the raid.  So far the DK changes haven’t been against me, as you can see. I haven’t updated my Recount since the patch so it wasn’t recording the per boss fights; just overall  =/

I thought it was pretty dam funny though when we started the zone on the trash mobs, I get this random whisper from Biggienuts about me having only one wep equipped:

I had just used Equipment Manager to change gear and apparently when I loaded Outfitter it caused it to glitch out and only equipped me with one wep.  And since Blizz thinks its funny when you’re out of combat, you will only display your main hand wep anyway, I didn’t notice I actually did only have one wep equipped before we started. It was a good laugh though … of course Biggie was over-exaggerating how much damage I was doing, but I was topping the DPS charts with 24k while everyone else was doing around 15k at that time.  How did I manage that?

My pack mobs rotation:

DnD > HB > PS > Pestilence (to spread the love) > OB/FS single target while HB spam whenever Rime is up which seems to be almost always for some reason  o.0. Reapply Pestilence if still a massive amount of mobs up, otherwise tab  PS to renew BP

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