Heroic Bryntroll

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Ran a pug ICC25 tonight and what do ya know … we did heroic Marrowgar and I wins heroic Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter with a 92.  Yay! although I came in as dps and won …  drama ensued.  I got about 5 whispers asking me if I wanted to sell it from everything from 3000 gold to Ring of Rotting Sinew or whatever it’s called.  I got some other offers but there were so many I just closed my whisper window and never read them. I turned down every single offer for the axe.  So when I refused to bend to anyone’s offers … the QQ’rs carried it into Vent.

So through the whole 2 hours of being in the raid … I had to listen to them bitch and whine about how it shouldn’t have gone to a Frost Death Knight. Are you serious?  DPS is dps and I would spec Unholy to use it right now at least until Cataclysm anyway when 2 handers will be viable with Frost specs as well.  Mal’Ganis. Such cry babies when they lose rolls.  When I lose rolls, I just suck it up and try again next week!  And then I had to listen to much of the bitching over the axe through much of the raid.  Its a pug.  I’ll roll on whatever loot I can use for dps and not tank …  so who’s loot counciling?  We rolled, I won, you lost … so get lost!


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