I don’t care what category hurricane this is

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The wind and rain are loud and I can’t sleep!
People are already reporting power outages and the main part of the storm AIN’T even here yet although my power is still on.

This storm is weird tho. Its like one moment its torrential rain, wind and i can feel the house swaying; and the next the rain stops and the air is still with no wind at all. Then I hear it drizzle, rains harder, a gust of wind and then the wind squalls are back all over again and its so loud I can’t hear myself think. Usually I can’t even hear anything that goes on outside in this house because the walls are like lead, but this time I can hear everything and it makes me wish that I couldn’t.

The sun is coming up now tho so maybe it wont be so bad I can get some sleep. Hurricanes always seem creepier at night.


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