I’m Not Girly

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I think most girls if given between clothes and computers they would get clothes … but no, for my birthday I got me a Western Digital Element 2 TB external hard drive and a 4GB memory card for my cellie!  The WD 2TB  drive was showing online for $124 and the 1TB for $99 but when I went in the store the 2 TB was showing for $165 … I was like oh hell to the fuckin naw!  I mean seriously, $25 for 1 more TB? Thats awesome for retail price. So I went up to the associate and told her hey you guys got it online for $124 … why is it for $165 in the store?  I had the Best Buy Mobile site up on my Android phone and she asks if I have the site up on my phone, I’m like yeah and she looks at my Droid, saw the price for $124 and she was like okay and gave it to me for $124. Instant $40 off retail haha. You can’t play the playah Best Buy!

So I really enjoyed my 33rd birthday 

Had I been any average Jane, they would have sold it to me for $165 I’m sure.

Now off to Fraps some PvP!!!


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