It Lives!

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I was a pro champion ninja the other day and somehow managed to drop my desktop on the floor.  Ya know, people drop laptops, cell phones and PSPs … but I drop whole desktop cases.   I was eating some hot wings and I got up to go wash my hands only thing was I forgot I left my headset on.  You would think the plugs would come out or the headset would fall off my head. But No. My headset remained on my head and plugged into the front headset port.  I got up and then I heard a loud thud … my computer fell off the second shelf of the cabinet and hit the floor head first and cloud of 4 year old dust went airborne.  There was a burning smell.  But guess what it lived!  The only thing that didn’t live was my headset. Doesn’t work anymore  🙁

I figure buying a new headset is the least of the problems. Better than having to buy a whole new computer.  I’m just hoping this won’t be one of those things where the computer works fine for a few weeks and then starts acting stupid.  Cuz u know computers never start having problems when the incident happens. They seem to always go bellyup weeks and sometimes even months after the incident occurs.  Crossing my fingers.


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