It’s One of *THOSE* Days

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/sigh … When it comes to computers, I’m a genius, when it comes to gaming, I’m epic. But when it comes to cars, when car mechanics talk it sounds like the Peanuts cartoons whenever an adult talks. Wha wha, wha wha wha wha … wha wha whaa … cha-ching. So turns out its something called a pivot broke and some belt that holds it together broke … mmm and something about a joint … in a nutshell it translated to me as $900 bones.  Thats how much it will be to fix it. For $600 I can get the major stuff done to get the car back on the road without the wheel coming off in my hands. Yea … I’m going back to the work from home thing again. This fuckin blows. AND I had just got a fillup on gas yesterday … could’ve saved me $40 if I knew it was going to be undriveable the next day.

So now my Internet, my car AND my wallet is down … I had to look at the calendar to make sure this wasn’t Friday the 13th


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