It’s Wednesday (My Monday)

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And its time to go back to work … Trying to find time to work on my Network+ everyday outside of work is a pure pain in the butt.  The more I have to do with my job … the more I hate it and this Network+ cert is my only way out. I’m supposed to be a IT professional … not some Jack & Joe’s verbal punching bag when their cable doesn’t work.  I’ve got The Nerd Lair setup as a study room and its so quiet and quaint in there I love just sitting in it.  The carpet is new and fluffy.    This weekend I plan on dropping by Kmart or Target to pickup a book shelf so I can put my armada of books in something rather than just a plastic bin. I never realized it but I counted that I had about 20 or more Stephen King books  0.o  And the thing is I’ve read them all or at least seen the movie that ruined the book for me.  He’s my favorite author btw and I subscribe to his book club; thats why I have so many of his books. Alot of times it’s so comfortable I just fall asleep on the floor before I know it. Then I go back into my junky bedroom lol.


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