Middle School Teacher Breeds Hate

On Monday, in Mississippi, there may be a teacher who’s going to have the worst case of The Monday’s ever recorded in human history.  On The Grio yesterday there was a comment made by a reader that was blatantly obvious was racist and full of hate.  Which is fine because The Grio is full of content like that from other users and people are certainly entitled to their opinions, however, there was a comment made by a single person who ignorantly had their Facebook profile attached to their The Grio profile and then posted something racist which was fine if you want to live your life balls to the wall … had she not also revealed her occupation.  So not only could everyone see her whole name but also her occupation and like a jackass, where she worked.  A 6th grade middle school teacher in Mississippi.  She made her Facebook profile public where you could see the other racist remarks she has made but when I went back to her site today, those remarks had also been deleted.

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Now, a lot of people of all races, saw the comment and reported her to the school and knowing that she would probably erase the comment now that people said they reported her, of course I screenshot it; you cannot escape the Internet once you’ve posted to it. That is why I’ve always said be careful what you say on the Internet because you cannot erase it; ever. I went back to the article this morning and saw that she had indeed deleted her comment; but the damage had already been done because the post had already been up 8 hours at the time that I had seen it, so I’m sure that is more than plenty of time for the Internet to do it’s worst.

I did confirm said person is a 6th grade Language Arts & Reading teacher at a middle school.  It is located in Mississippi and when looking at their school pictures, it looks like there is an equal both White and Black population of students, so surely she has some Black students in her class; probably a lot. Now knowing this, putting race aside, how would one feel if you knew for a fact that your kid’s Language Arts teacher, is sitting there smiling in your face, telling you about your kid’s grades, but you knew she thought you and your kid was “an ape” and “a slave” and “too stupid” and that “evolution has not got to your race” as she says?  I don’t know about anyone else, but her words about my kid’s grades would not hold a weight of grain to me, because I would feel she has personal issues to deal with on her own, how do I know my kid isn’t being singled out from the other students, or ignored, because she hates him in addition, I would feel like she doesn’t need to be a teacher.

Sure this is a country with free speech, however free speech also comes with a level of responsibility and with that neglect in responsibility comes consequences.  She is totally entitled to her opinion of Black people no matter how wrong it is, but there is a degree of twistedness to it that the position of authority she is holding, does not match the level of responsibility that it takes; in other words, she’s a hypocrite.  You’re talking the talk but not walking the walk.  At the degree of conviction that the teacher said these remarks, it’s hard to wonder if she also spreads this hatred whether knowingly or subconsciously, to her students; it would be hard to believe that she doesn’t and even much less her kids if those are her kids in the picture.  As far as I am concerned, you can be racist all you want, it’s your entitlement, but don’t hold positions of authority working with the people you hate so much; especially not innocent children who have the right to develop their own opinions about the world through growing up, rather than being influenced by another adult’s completely wrong perceptions, thus continuing the vicious cycle that this county of the United States was built on but we are working so hard to eradicate.

We’ve worked so hard to accept our differences and work together as Americans, we don’t need adults such as this “teacher” throwing us back 80 years, unraveling all that we have worked so hard to achieve what makes this  country so great for all to live.  We are ALL immigrants here, except the indigenous Indians, so why can’t we all just get along.  For a language arts and reading teacher, I guess she forgot to “read” that part.


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2 thoughts on “Middle School Teacher Breeds Hate”
  1. Went back and edited out the teacher's name and Facebook profile out of "respect" for the person. If you want to see the links for yourself you can easily just go to The Grio link in the post and see the whole fiasco for yourself.

  2. As a follow up, seems her family got the word about the racist remarks and now the remarks have this response from I am assuming her husband Don Taliancich who appears to be taking responsibilty for it. Of course there is no way to debunk or verify if she actually posted the initial remarks or not.

    And of course the impending apology that I KNEW was coming sooner or later once they realized the weight of the issue.

    And that goes back to what I keep in mind everyday when posting to the web

    1. DO NOT let other people have access to your usernames even other's in your household
    2. Don't say things on the Internet that you will soon regret
    3. Be careful when you link your Facebook, Twitter and other social network profiles to sites you comment on. Make a separate profile with anonymous information for those if you don't want to take the responsibility for something you've said.
    4. And above all else DO NOT, for the love of god, link your employer to your social network account. The world wide web does not need to know all that. /sigh

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