My Fire Escape Forest

The Golden Pothos is the green leafy one on the right.

Since the pandemic, I found a new interest in plants to keep my mind occupied. To be honest, I find the plants quite boring except the Golden Pothos my Mom gave me. I accidentally burnt it to a crisp last winter when I left it on the heat radiator overnight and woke up to it all black and dead. I was about to throw the whole thing away since it looked like nothing was left of it but my boyfriend said not to because it still had roots.

Fast-forward 5 months later and now its a vibrant, lively vine that literally grows 1-2 new leaves every week and it also moves A LOT! It faces one way one day and the next it has bent and moved a different way. None of my other plants do that which makes this one more interesting and my favorite out of my chlorophyll menagerie.

The other plants are two Moon Cactus that I picked up in Chinatown a few weeks ago, and two Dracaena Cinthos and a Dracaena Dorado that I picked up at Ikea. All of these are pretty boring though because they’re all slow growers.

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