My Job Makes Me Feel Bad

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african-womanI have a job that takes orders for various big companies from clothing, jewelry, electronics, etc and today on sale is jewelry.  I’m not a big jewelry person at all but as I sit here watching the informercial, the so-called “African” jewelry comes up, claiming to be African green opals and other crap.  God knows if it’s even from Africa or not but when I look at the description it says “Made in China” but mined in Africa, if you want to believe that.  The necklace was selling for $140.  A lady calls in and says she wants to order it and she’s like “Oooh that’s so pretty! Does it have matching earrings?” I told her no.  I just felt all kinds of bad placing this order because as I sit there looking at this old Caucasian man selling it over the infomercial, I started thinking of the people of Africa and thinking to myself, “This is what happens with the stuff that is stolen from Africa”. It ends up mined and taken from Africa while the people are in dirt poverty, then gets shipped to exploited overworked Chinese in China and then shipped to the United States for people like this woman to drool over with no thought of those Africans who live in poverty and see probably none of the profit, no thoughts of the Chinese who get paid next to nothing for the profit only to feed the American beasts and my job makes me feel bad because I’m part of the process.


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