Not liking Wells Fargo

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Since the switch from Wachovia to Wells Fargo,  I’m really not liking it. The first time I ever had to call them for anything I had called to ask them if I had overdraft protection on my account, I was told “no”. I had asked because apparently Vonage has a retarded billing system that they cannot change your billing day or not even delay a charge of a payment; it must come out that day. I was like wtf kind of billing system is that? But anyway, I asked the Wells Fargo chick if any charges try to get charged to the debit card will it decline (because that’s what I wanted to do); she told me yes. I was like cool. But then I checked my bank account a few days later to find a NSF fee on there from the Vonage charge. I was like wtf!! I called WF back about the charge and turns out the previous rep I spoke to gave me a half answer. No I didn’t have overdraft protection and I wouldn’t be charged … BUT that only works for point of sale purchases, not bills. What kind of honkadory BS is that? What difference does it make if its a bill or a pack of gum at Walmart? The WF Guy went ahead and reversed the NSF fee, but my God, what else will I get a half answer on?


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