So I’ve had my LG Optimus with Virgin Mobile for about 3 months now and I have to say this is the most overpowered cell phone on a prepaid provider I’ve ever seen.   Not that I’m complaining, I’m not by far, I’m just astonished is all.  While its a terribly good phone with the stock VM rom, its even super Hulk mode overpowered now that I loaded a custom Cyangenmod rom on it. All I can say is amazing. Who cares about voiding warranties when your cell phone can do an infinite amount of things, including doing more things than an overpriced contract phone on other providers like Sprint and Verizon can do, all while only paying $25  a month for service. ZOMG $26 with tax!!  /breaking my bank someone stop me!

For one, even with the stock rom the phone is just fast; screens change so fast you never saw them change.  And with a custom rom, well its just off the chain now.

Don’t have Internet on your laptop? Pfft, don’t pay for yet another data plan. You’re paying for DATA not what device you want to put it on.  It makes no sense to pay for  another data plan because you already have one on the phone you’re paying for.  So just use that one. Enable wifi hotspot, boom there ya go.  When I went on my trip to Chicago last week, both me and my cousin have this same phone. We used our cell phones as WIFI hot spots on the whole 16 hour drive. I watched Netflix the whole 16 hours (to keep my sanity), streaming movies the whole time and rarely hit any dead service zone areas.  I watched so many movies over it it was nuts. Albeit not perfect, nonetheless it worked majority of the time.  Even logged into WoW a few times to check on my guild over my Dell Mini.  Bandwidth wasn’t strong enough to run any  dungeons tho, my lat hung at 1k-ish but it was enough to still chat with everyone.  I’m sure if Virgin ever goes to 4G oh yea, I’m coming for it.

Dont want to burn your minutes to call your voicemail?  Ran out of minutes on your plan? Pfft, just link a SIP account with the phone, boom. You’re back up.

Hate Virgin Mobile’s voicemail (like me)? Link the phone with Google Voice … boom you got awesome voicemail options now.  Although you can’t officially trade your VM voicemail for Google Voice like Sprint can because VM are a bunch of cheap bastards, what I did was have VM disable my voicemail but I have to keep the phone on or callers will hear no voicemail error. Kinda ghetto but it works because with VM’s voicemail enabled it kept sending my callers to VM voicemail and ignoring the Google one.

Either way its an awesome phone when matched up with Android …

Thanks Virgin Mobile, Google & LG!!

Hope Virgin Mobile keeps this plan forever but like most good things, there’s always some kind of end.  Corporate seems new opportunities to make more money and they end up scrapping the good service for crap.  Or start to lock down things from customers boooo!  I like Virgin Mobile because its innovative with the tools it has yets keep it cheap for el cheapos like me.  Years ago Virgin Mobile had a Virgin Mobile Stash Visa Card.  When you swiped it, for every dollar you spent you got bonus minutes.  Well, what I did was use the bank routing numbers to put a portion of my paycheck onto the Stash Card and I literally had free minutes every month. Used it to pay bills, shopping, everything.  Well, I guess Virgin caught onto that they were giving service away for free once more people caught onto it, and killed the program.  I swear that was one of the best programs Virgin Mobile ever had ever.  So I hope this 300 anytime minute/$25 unlimited everything plan they keep forever but I have a feeling its not.


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