People In Jail Have the Internet??!!

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Whoa whoa whoa … I just checked my email today and found an email from someone in jail requesting to add me to their contact list for email correspondence. At first I thought it was a hoax … but then it had government links on it and they were valid. Hold up. Wtf are MY tax dollars being used for for an inmate to have Internet access? You’re in JAIL. You committed a CRIME, you should not be allowed to even peek out a slither of glass to see the sunlight imo.  And here this guy is just randomly scouring the Internet for people to talk to.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  I don’t know how you found me buddy, but you have chosen the WRONG person.  As far as I’m concerned, I have zero tolerance for stupidity and YOU my friend are the last person I’d even dream of communicating with.  And this wasn’t some small time local prison where someone does time for a traffic ticket or shoplifting, this guy is in FEDERAL prison which means he’s in there for something big-time.

I don’t want my tax dollars being used for inmate amenities; if they feel the need to feel poetic, they can pay for pen and paper and write a dam letter to their friends and family that THEY KNOW. Unbelievable. Such a security risk to allow a jail inmate to have Internet access free to will nilly on the Internet.  It’s already bad enough they randomly call people from jail just to con people.  You want to save on government expenses to cut down taxes? Get rid of this kind of BS!!


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