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popeyeWas browsing through images on my Facebook wall when there was a pic posted of Popeye village in Malta . I never knew it was a village built that is still up as a tourist attraction.  Popeye was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid and I read the comics and the TV cartoon. I remember my mom buying me Popeye bath foam; it was a foam in a can with a big Popeye face on it that you squeeze the foam out and made stupid sculptures with it that floated on top of your bath water. Then when you were done playing with it, you could completely annihilate your sculpture by using it as soap. I was only 3 when Popeye the movie came out, but for some eerie reason, I still remember what happened in the movie, what’s even creepier is I even remember the song.

Still never made me eat me spinach tho.


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