School’s In

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Whew, registered for my classes today but the curriculum does not seem too hard. I have two classes a day (so far) but 3 classes have not been announced yet and I am trying to see if I can creep out of taking English, Computer Science, and orchestra since I have already taken them when I went to Cosumnes River College in California. I am trying to position everything in the early morning so I can have days free; I hate going to school in the afternoons. It sucks.

On top of that … Ahmed calls me today on his journey to Cali … yes, he drove there. Says he is in Las Vegas … and got robbed at the hotel. Says he had $250 in his pocket (in cash) and left his pants on the floor in the hotel while he went playing some games … gambling, I guess. Came back and the money was gone. I told him, clown, everyone knows you don’t carry cash on you in a casino or the surrounding areas. Those maids make hundreds if not thousands snuffing visitors pockets. Not to mention the gambling addicts who rummage around looking for victims. IMHO, that’s irony because he stayed two nights in Las Vegas when he claimed he does not have any money … from what he told me anyway. Hotels have to be two hundred a night there and more … but like I said, money is in abundance when my husband wants something but its like asking for his left testicle if I ask for some money. Serves him right.


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