So I’ve Been Laid Off … Again

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laid offWell, I can’t login to work and it’s been a week now.  My supervisor is ignoring my calls and hasn’t called me back when I called her a week ago and HR told me she would call me back & other coworkers are complaining they can’t login either. I think I am a fair person who can take a hint when I see one, so I assume I’ve been laid off …. again.  Isn’t A’Murica great?  I am just so done with Virginia time to start looking for work in another state.

====UPDATE MAY 21st====

Ok. I FINALLY got someone’s attention at work and someone who gave a damn about my situation … but that was ONLY after I nerd-raged on the supervisor’s forums. Isn’t that something?  Turns out I was blocked in error.  Pfft. So back to work, yay … I guess, but I couldn’t work for an entire week so my bills are screwed for my next payday. BAH!


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