Staring At My Monitor

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So 20 people were on on my guild last night but rather than pugging 5 spots (because the raid lead doesn’t like pugging) they decided to do 10 man heroics …. with ONE group because the other raid leads didn’t show.  Which essentially left 10 people staring at their monitors in Dalaran.  So one person gquit and another gquit earlier in the day.  Most likely I will too eventually but I’m waiting to see what happends.

In frustration, I went ahead and did a pug 25 run with a guild named Symbiosis. A bunch of great guys. Not hard core players but hey they got the job done. Got stumped on Putricide though. It was 3am and I was falling asleep … almost autoran into the boss but I miraculously woke up just in time to catch myself running into the boss room. Then I fell asleep again on gaseous bloat and ran INTO the slime and just barely missed it by seconds when I had the debuff /facepalm.  Had we not wiped so many times on Putricide I probably would have been aware of my surroundings. They said they needed people for their 25s because like my guild, having attendance problems. They are a late night raiding guild and they asked if anyone wanted to join they could. As for me I don’t know about that simply because I know all the fights already and have been up to Lich King. I’ve done my time learning bosses and I’m not really prepared to wait on others to learn all the fights from ground zero all over again.  It was hard for me to even stay focused on Putricide last night as we got into the 3rd, 4th and 5th wipe.  I haven’t wiped on Putricide on my current guild in ages.

I got Symbiosis on my friends list just in case though. Maybe it was just a bad night … we all have them.


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