Stoop Sale!

Need to sell your excess stuff? Have a stoop sale! For those who don’t know what a stoop is, it’s the northern word for a porch. So it’s basically what you call a garage sale on your porch since most inner city homes don’t have garages.

I don’t know the official reason for calling a porch a stoop, but I’ve only heard the word used when I moved to NY and in a Black or Latino neighborhood. I don’t hear white people calling their porches “stoops” and in the south we call our porches, porches. If it is used in the south, then I’ve never heard it.

But me, being Black myself, its our culture to rename things based on how we use it. So due to that, I’m going to say that it’s called a stoop because due to lack of space, and having to share the “porch” between multiple other families, the porches are a lot of times just steps, so all anyone can do is hang around, sit or “stoop” (kneel) on it.

If you still can’t picture what a stoop is, think of the New Edition “Cool It Now” video.

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