Tal.ki Meh

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There are tons of addons for WordPress and one I’ve been trying out lately is Tal.ki for forums … at first I thought it was cute, although I couldn’t customize the colors with the free version, it looked cute and perfect for my forums page. For a little program it sure is rather awkward to work with though.  And to top it off they want to charge $35 a year for premium service for all the bells and whistles?  I have to ban a member to delete them and worst of all I hate is they have to login via some service like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc to even post anything. Even with the free version it’s the same way I think because I didn’t see anything saying otherwise.  And I feel that I have to do too much clicking just to login as Admin; I have to login to WordPress then go back and refresh the main site page for it to see me as Admin. I’ve installed it temporarily though for a forums until I can get my phpBB forum “minimalized” enough to fit the forums page.


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