The Showdown

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So here it is … the final showdown. This morning I took my sister to her doctor’s appointment and I get a call from Ahmed saying that I cheated on him with Theo. I told him how he figured that and this bastard says that he called Theo and Theo told him that I – and I wanted him to watch and some other bullshit. All I could do is fucking laugh because I knew Theo did not tell him something like that … why would he? I asked him how he got Theo’s number and he said from the phonebook on my phone. Figured.

So we argued about that. I call up Theo and asked if he told him that and he told me no, of course. He says that Ahmed had called him up screaming at him that he did not appreciate him having a relationship with his wife … yada, yada, yada. Theo in a nutshell told him where he could go.

So you ask, did the conversation go down? Yes, it did but the thing is Ahmed only heard what I said and what I said was a joke … remember, like I said. My husband does not know when people are joking and he takes it seriously and every word literally. Other than that one side remark I had said about -, the rest of our conversation was purely innocent. See, my husband allows his jealousy to block logic. Oh fuckin well.

Theo pointed out that maybe Ahmed had the house bugged because the only way he could have heard that conversation was that way. My guess is that he used his computer … come to find out, he used his webcam. I assume he had it turned towards the bed to see if I was going to bring anyone in the house to sleep with them. But like I said, I was not cheating on my husband so he never got the glory of that and I had nothing to hide. I don’t even feel guilty because I have no reason to. It serves him right for jumping to conclusions.

So that day, I did not come home. I stayed in a hotel because I did not feel like dealing with his ass and since I have never seen him mad, I did not want to find out. I came home for a few minutes to grab some things when the asshole showed up and he would not let me leave. We argued about the – conversation and then he claimed that I was trying to use him to pay for my college. EXCUSE FUCKIN ME. HE was the one who said he would pay for the college tuition … not me. I wanted out but he wanted to try to keep a dead marriage alive. So how am I using him for his money when he would not take no for an answer? But anyway, I told Ahmed I wanted my divorce and for him to get out of my way and he kept following me and would not let me out of the house. So I went to my car and he followed me to the car and would not allow me inside of it. I told the muthafucka to move or I was going to call the police.

Now, lets note, my husband is an illegal alien because he allowed his work visa to expire so any run-ins with the law … he goes bye-bye … from the country and stright back to Egypt, do not pass go … do not collect $200. Once again I tried to go to my car and he smacked me in my face hard enough to knock my earring out of my ear.

So I thought to myself I have had it. I marched back into the house and locked myself in the bathroom. My mom saved the day saying that she needed to go to the store. Luckily my car is a two-seater so only my Mom and I could get in and I took her to the store. After I dropped her back off at home, I stayed the night in a hotel.

What a fuckin night. But it was the best damn sleep I had in a long time because I finally slept …. ALONE.


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