The Voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash Resigns

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Aww. When will people learn you don’t mess with anyone below the 18 yard line.  And when you’re working with kids, you don’t mess with anyone FIVE yards below the yard line that you are at.

Apparently a second kid, Cecil Singleton, now an adult, has popped out the woodworks and is suing Kevin for $5 million for under aged sex claims.  I wonder how many more MeToos will come out of nowhere after the money and obviously not showing any shame of  “their abuse by an adult”  because they chose to sell their knowledge to the media outlets such as TMZ and suing rather than telling the cops for rape or indecency with a minor charges.  If it does go to court, I can’t wait to see them.  I want to see how hard they try to squeeze some tears out because they both look like Drama Queens to me.

Just looking at these two characters and Sheldon’s past run-ins with the cops history, I am pretty sure both of them are just gold-diggers and willingly participated with this man and only want his money.  It’s like legalized prostitution for minors. Lie and tell them you’re 18, have sex willingly with a stupid adult, and just when they make it to the peak of their career, boom, come out with the child rape bomb and you’re paid for life without ever having to lift a finger if they’re rich enough.  I have a strong feeling these two will not be the only ones.  My crystal ball tells me so.

Sheldon Stephens
Cecil Singleton








Sheldon Stephens was the first one and I am almost willing to bet that he recanted his recant for the $120,000 hush money because Cecil contacted him and so they are now in cahoots to get more money.  I say that because I find it too coincidental that Sheldon recants his recant just the day before Cecil comes out with his MeToo revelation.  Would he have recanted his recant and taken the hush money if Cecil had never said anything?  Probably not; he would have taken it and went on about his business.

If the allegations are true, which I am sure at this point they probably are, another celebrity goes down behind a dirty past they may not even have nothing to do with anymore. So sad, but oh well, we can only hope that Elmo himself won’t get pulled from Sesame Street behind this whole fiasco.


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