Virgin Mobile Y U Charge My Card $26 For A $10 Top-Up?

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Just put a $10 Top-Up on my Virgin Mobile phone … yet when I check my bank account it shows a pending amount of $26?  I hate it when companies do this.  They put a hold on an increased amount from what you originally paid to “make sure” the money is there. STOP IT! Please.  I find it rude because 1. no where does it state that you would be charged more and 2. its rude because I may want to buy something today but now I’m $15 short  for probably like 3-5 business days because you want to put a hold on MY money.  It’s so dumb. It makes no sense at all.  It does not “make sure” the money is there because if I were a prick, I’d take the money out right as soon as I charged it.  I hate when companies put more on hold than what you paid for it.


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