Website done ~_~

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After 2 whole days of frustration, my web site is done as far as designing it; thats the hard part. Now I just have to organize the old posts which is the easy part thanks to WordPress mass categorize feature. I’m just upset it took so long working out bugs and editing code but everything turned out 98% the way I wanted it. Only bad things were the forum isn’t all that great looking like I wanted it since I have such small space to work with, I had to go with a plain Jane minimal forum which looks kinda bleh to me and I cant get the margins any smaller when opening up a forum so a bar appears at the bottom. I could have used addin which fit the frame perfect but they don’t allow hosting of their forums; I like to host my own shit because I don’t want part of my site crashing and then mysteriously going away like my Tagboard did. Other bad thing is I wanted to add my Flickr Photostream like my Blogger site but everytime I added the code for the stream, my slideshow would stop working šŸ™ … fml. So it was either do without the slideshow or the photostream … which ain’t happening. So I had to delete the photostream code; I’ll just look for another stream another time. It’s not all that important. Snapshot


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