We’re Reaching For Equality While They’re Reaching For Supremacy

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We’re Reaching For Equality While They’re Reaching For Supremacy

-Tommy Sotomayor

This 3 part video series was just suppose to be about the Republican Convention talk back in September and views were being shared between TJ SotomayorDerek Broes of Forbes and someone named Jason of why black people don’t vote Republican.  Both sides had valid points, I agreed between the two, but then Derek Broes, who is a Republican voter, makes several statements and displays for us first hand why black people don’t vote Republican.  Just a stark reminder that no matter how big any black person in America makes it, white people whether poor or multi-millionaires like this guy Derek Broes, shows where his true loyalty lies and will put the black person back in “their place”.  Black people of America, do not behoove yourselves that racism is gone and somehow our white government has your best interest in mind.  Obama is just another mouthpiece and hasn’t done that not one bit but he’s doing it for other specific groups.

It is several hours long but try to watch all of it’s a very good show.  Tommy brings up alot of controversial subjects but you should subscribe to his channel and listen to what he has to say and take heed to it.

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