What else could go wrong today?

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First I’m on the computer and the power goes out and it turned out to be the maintenance man who told no one he was turning off the power to do some repairs on the house …

Ok so I figured I’ll go take a shower and do some cleaning while I waited for the power to come back on. Well, turned on the faucet and no water came out. I’m like wtf … well the maintenance man had turned that off too.

So I figure I’ll just go to sleep and hopefully when I wake up this will all be over.  I laid down for about 10 minutes and my aunt busts thru my door and says to me “WE GOTTA GET OUT THE HOUSE BECAUSE THEY HIT A GAS LINE AND THE HOUSE MIGHT BLOW UP!!!”

I’m like am I getting punkked today? You gotta be shittin me. But it was no punk. I ran downstairs out the house in just my pajammies and socks and all I could smell was tons of gas. I was like oshi! I busted out the door and all I could hear was the wind of gas bursting from the street pipes 2 houses down from me and it was loud. The firemen came to us in gas masks knocking on people’s doors telling us to evacuate our homes. They told us to vacate the block to the end of the next street because the houses could blow, but do not start any cars, talk on cell phones, light cigarettes or anything. Another fireman told us if we stay on the block to get behind a building because if the line blew there would be a heatwave. All I could think is just great, now I’m in the final cut of a real life Die Hard movie, only Bruce Willis ain’t got nothing on this.

So I stood behind a brick house. The neighbor in the house was really nice and invited me in for some water because the smell of the gas was making me nauseous.

Turns out the construction company had hit an unmarked line … guess they found out what it was quickly and so did the entire block!  Guess what tards that’s what Miss Utility is there for! CALL BEFORE U DIG!!! And if u don’t know what it is? Stop everything and call Miss Utility to find out! ITS NOT HARD! I mean srsly yesterday they hit a water line and busted it leaving us without water for hours and our street was flooded with water.

So about after 2 hours I came back home. That was my day today so far. Please no more surprises kkthxbye.


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