What Were You Doing On September 11th?

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What were you doing at 8:46am on any given day … what were you doing at 8:46am on September 11th 2001?  I bet you remember what you did because I know I did.  At 8am on September 11th 2001, I was sitting at home, on the computer surfing the Internet.  What I was specifically looking for, I don’t remember, probably nothing as usual, but I remember being on the computer, and on my Yahoo! home page I had the news.  I saw “Breaking News” with an empty caption, just a picture with the first tower on fire and smoking.  That’s how fast and evil it happened, even the news didn’t know what was going on and didn’t know what to even say in the article.  As an ex-New Yorker, planes hitting buildings is no big thing, surprisingly it happens all the time primarily to the Empire State Building though.  I don’t know how those little planes always seem to manage to run into it; I guess that’s one of the world’s biggest wonders, but I saw in the pic how severe it was smoking and I knew this wasn’t no ordinary stupid pilot plane crash.  So I kept refreshing the Yahoo page hoping to see what this was all about and then it reports later another plane hit the other building, I’m like wtf?  First plane, you’re like ok, some plane’s navigational stuff went of, second plane hit, you knew it was purposely done.

Never in my mind did terrorist strike my mind, not even an inch.  I’m in the United States, terrorist is a foreign word to me.  The closest I’ve ever gotten over the terrorist thing is the Unibomber … but I just called him a “nutcase” rather than terrorist.

It’s amazing what people will do in the name of any religion or belief, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, KKK or whatever.  It kind of makes me wonder what is going through peoples’ heads other than their belief?  I mean really, think about it … I know some hardcore Muslims but they would never hurt anyone to the extremes like this to go through masterplanning something to a national level just to blow people up. I also know some hardcore Christians but as far as I know, they’d never hurt anyone either.  Maybe they would, I don’t know. Depression? Financial problems? Poverty? Oppression? Bipolarism?  Sexual frustration? Or just plain pissed off at the world? Emo? QQing at its extreme? You just don’t know until they pop.


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