Why am I NOT looking forward to Election Day tomorrow

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Being in Virginia, one of the swing states, I am exhausted of the election campaigning on TV when I’m trying to watch my shows. I don’t even turn on the radio anymore.  I don’t pickup my home phone anymore because Romney, Obama & surveys call every 2 hours to take yet another survey.  The mudslinging and name called that has plagued the Internet.  The campaigning ads all over my web site.   People arguing over which candidate, I just want people to return to NORMAL and their racism and hate to go back into their closet of skeletons.  The voting scare tactics in the news.  The campaign email spam. The junk mail I receive at my real life inbox and my post office box. The people at work making side-remarks on the Presidential elections.  The campaigners knocking on my door every week that I duck my windows to dodge so they won’t know someone is home.  And now tomorrow, the grand finale … the voting polls where I may have to stand in line for hours just to do something that will take all of 1 minute to do.  I am just RomBama EXHAUSTED!

I can hear the words of Anub’rekhan in the back of my head … “It’ll all be over soon”.

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