Why Am I Still Here?

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Right now I am sitting in my car during a torrential rain storm outiside in the parking lot using my wifi card to connect to the Internet. And I asked myself, why am I still here? Why *AM* I still here in this drab and boring area.  I have no reasons to stay here. It’s a cool place if you have kids and you’re all into a house with a picket fence with 2.5 kids but if you’re solo, you’ll become a tool to the work force quickly.

So I thought about where would I go if I could live anywhere? Well, it boils down to only 2 states really; New York or California.  New York is too expensive and Cali is just too dam far and then getting there it will be expensive  >.<

I thought about moving to Richmond but after reading some reviews, it sounds like its just like where I am now; full of more drab people who don’t think outside the box.  Hampton Roads is just boring and it sounds like Richmond is more of the same.  So I thought about Baltimore? Went there for a party once and its a pretty cool looking place but I’m not interested in there either.  I hate anything in the South so going below Virginia just isn’t going to happen.  Texas?  Nothing there even the name sounds boring.  And everything between the coasts in the midwest is nothing.  I know because I’ve been through the midwest and theres nothing but dirt, dirt and more dirt.  The colonial Americans should have settled more because midwest just looks like 2000 miles of empty parking lot.  The most dirt I’ve seen in my life.  Sure the mountains look cool …. but then there’s dirt and tumbleweeds. 

As far as California, you get used to the earthquakes. I lived in California for 3 years and you just get used to it because small earthquakes happen every damn day.  It’s like you’re walking or lying in the bed and you feel kind of disoriented because it feels like you’re walking or lying on water.  The only way I can describe it is like ripples.  Then every so many minutes they get stronger and stronger and then thats when thinks start to shake at about 4 or 5ish on the Richter scale.   The strongest one I was in was a 5.6 which was enough to rattle the dishes out our kitchen shelves and we had to hold them closed with our hands. Talking about freaky.

But anyways, yea New york, meh. If *only* I could tolerate the thought of not having my own space I could maybe do it. 

Iunno, itll give me something to think about.


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