Why I Hate WoW

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Never thought I’d be writing something like this but I think I’m officially done with WoW.  The game just isn’t fun anymore.  I hate it. And I hate it not because it’s a bad game … it’s far far from bad. I hate it because I hate the people in it.  The players. The guild leads. The raid leads.  The ninjas. The loot whores. The gold farmers.  The GM’s. The hackers. The bots. The AFK’rs. The whiners. The ninja logs.  The ninja raid leads.

I hate the people who play it and suck causing the people who just want to have a good time to accomplish nothing.  In fact, the game is too good.  It leaves no wiggle room for suckage yet the suckage has 80% access to the best gear in the game therefore spreading their suckage and wasting everyone’s time. I hate the way I have to depend on 24 or 9 other competents to achieve anything. I suppose thats better than the former 39 back in 40man raid times, there was an whole different ilk of players then yet the number of competents dwindle by the day.  I hate that forming a guild or raid is practically an achievement in itself.  How long does it typically take to form a pug raid? AN HOUR OR MORE!  The time that it takes to form a pug I could drive to my state’s capital and still be in a partial raid; my state’s capital is a 60 minute drive.  I shouldn’t have to wait an hour to form a raid.  I fall asleep while waiting.

I figure I would do something else rather than PvE so I went PvP … only to find 20 minutes queues between games.  1.5 games per hour is what I get waiting on battleground queues … only to face a premade and lose or a game where 3/4 of my team are AFK at the starting point. Or I get the game where my team is infested with bots who just run from the graveyard and die only to rinse and repeat. Or the one where people come to the battleground in PvE (subpar PvE at that) gear and die in 3 hits from Alliance.  I hate that people beg me for my gear score like it means anything and how the pug raid lead is like yea we got a whole raid over 6k gear score! … and then the raid gets called after Saurfang because the 5 melee dps ninja log when  Deathbringer’s Will didn’t drop.  I hate that I try to dedicate only a few hours playing YET because people suck so bad at raiding, I end up spending my entire day and sometimes an entire week at it just trying to achieve ONE friggin dungeon. Thanks to suckage I’ll never see what would have been my first legendary ever, Shadowmourne. Once again, another one of my in-game goals I will never get.

I hate the way guild officers waste my fuckin time creating guilds and then disbanding or just plain stop raiding in less than 30 days.  I hate the way pugs waste my fuckin time creating raids and then disbanding them in less than 30 minutes after ONE wipe; if they dont ninja all the good loot first.  In a nutshell, I hate the way I spend so much time playing a game that I love to play and accomplish nothing or very little in long spans of time because of losers. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Rein. لا شىء. 無. Nichts. ничего. ništa. τίποτα. pa gen anyen. שום דבר. ekkert. ไม่มีอะไร. nimic. niente. Thats the word NOTHING in 15 fuckin languages. That’s what I get done … absolutely, positively nothing because in order to do anything in WoW you have to 100% depend on other fucktards to play otherwise you’re wasting your time and your money.

Ever since Blizz made this EOE (Equal Opportunity Epics) b.s. the game has only slid downhill fast for the hardcore players.  You used to be able to tell by what gear the person had if they were serious business or not … now that everyone can get equal gear just by flazing their way through it, well, who knows what you’ll get. Every failure in this game I have come across has come as a result of people sucking. People not biting on Queen Lanathil.  People killing other players on Lady Deathwhisper.  People standing a million miles way out yonder,  from the raid on Marrowgar … then get mad when no one breaks them out Bonespike.  Tanks not jumping on Lootship.  No one cc’ing or dpsing the adds on Saurfang.  People dying to slimes and vile gas on Festergut and Rotface. And the list goes on …

I’m a girl with a lot of patience but I think I’ve come to the point where I’ve had enough.  Every raid is a headache. My guild does nothing so I’m stuck pugging and dealing with the named above.  I have no other guild to go to so I’m stuck here.  I dont even feel like logging on anymore. Every friggin weak I deal with the same crap.  Time to find a new game or wait until Cataclysm release.

DIII where are u!


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