Why It’s Called the “XBOX”


I need another game console to stream movies to a TV in another room so I was debating between an XBox or a Wii.  So I got this free beta key for Age of Empires Online Beta which took me to the XBox Live web site and come to find out Microsoft CHARGES for online access for their console? Even Netflix. You pay $9.99 a month to Microsoft for their minimum plan or whatever AND then you have to pay your Netflix subscription fee of $9.99!! What the hell?  Did more research and found out that Microsoft is THE ONLY BRO who has a monthly charge for their online access.  Wii and PS3 do not charge; they’re completely free other than paying the one time fees or the subscriptions to apps, games and movies that you use.

Hey Steve Ballmer, now I know why they call it the “XBox” … cause I WON’T be buying it! Putting a big fat “X” right through it on my shopping list!


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