Won’t Be Changing This Xpac

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The last past 2 xpacs I rerolled new classes.  In Burning Crusades release, I rerolled Shaman Alliance side and in Wrath release I rerolled Death Knight Horde side.  I only rerolled those classes because I found them interesting and fun … but this xpac, the new races are Worgen and Goblins, however, I am not turned on by either of those races at all.  I have no interest in playing a dog or a big nosed, midget ugly green Goblin.  I couldn’t stand the camera view of playing a Gnome when I played my Gnome mage alt Squooshy so I know I would hate playing a Goblin which is just as short.   Worgen looks pretty badass and more up my alley for playing and honestly, I’d like to play it, but I have no desire to go back to Alliance side.  In fact, I’m pretty disappointed Blizz chose putting them on their side when they come from Silverpine Forest, an original Horde zone but oh well.  I may roll one as an alt but definitely won’t be a main.


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