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Level 66 Night Elf Druid
Professions: Alchemy & Herbalism

Perhaps I should have started my WoW site back in December of ’05 when I started playin the game but who knew that 1 year and 2 months later I would still be playing. I play on the Skywall server and my main is a female Night Elf Druid Xeneca in 7/8 tier 2. When I first started this toon in Dec ’05, I put her in the guild Dragonborne at level 20ish where she was class leader for lower level players. I got her to level 60 in February of ’06 and then Dragonborne fell apart mainly because of guild drama so she left in June ’06 and minutes later she joined Immix Morality which is one of the top guilds on the server. I had fun doing BWL, Naxx, MC, AQ40, AQ20 and since all the other druids were geared, a lot of the tier2 gear got defaulted to me. So I went from tier 0 to 7/8 tier 2 gear in a month. But dammit that Stormrage Belt never dropped out of 4 months of raiding BWL so I never got it.

My second toon I created was a female Night Elf hunter named Shaunie which is level 60, my third is a female Gnome mage named Squooshy who is also level 60. Other low level toons I have are a male human rogue Kevorkian level 23 and a female human warlock Neubia level 20. Other toons I have that I have not played and are still at level 1 are Adunai a male Draeni warrior and Anseis a female dwarf paladin. I have had thoughts of making a priest but I will have to delete my mule toon Xenmule and get enough bags on all my toons to support their junk.

When the Burning Crusades came out out on January 16th, I was at Walmart buying it at 2am that morning. And Immix Morality broke up by cutting most the guild and created Driven to Conquer. After more than a year of playing my druid I retired her so I no longer play her and made my main a female Draeni Shaman named Izri. Currently Iz is level 49 on her way to level 50.

So that pretty much sums up the summary of my toons and now that the level threshold has been pushed to level 70 I am really in no rush to get any of them there. I’ve been to Outlands once on Xen, thats about the only light of day she has seen since January. All she pretty much does now is sit in Shattrah City waiting to be played.


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