I was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia, but I’ve moved around a lot. After graduating from high school, I moved to Brooklyn, New York, then Concord, California, then San Jose, CA. Then back to Virginia, and then Queens, NY, back to Brooklyn and now I reside in the Bronx. I’ve been living in New York City 7 years now, across every borough except Manhattan and Staten Island (nobody counts SI anyway), but those are two boroughs I don’t care about so I don’t imagine myself ever moving to either. But I’ve been in the Bronx with my SO and my 3 cats for over a year now. My cat’s names are Emet, Diva, and my psycho Siamese cat, Sasha who loves to perch on my shoulder as I type.

I’ve had a few hobbies over the years involving drawing, writing, playing the cello, and video games, before life took over. Now I’m just a husk of a workaholic in the IT field, working for a software developer in Manhattan. Currently, I don’t do any of my hobbies anymore, but I spend time scaring myself with past and future ruminations.

I guess I have more of a care-free personality. I am an introvert, and like most introverts, I enjoy solitude and recharge time. I don’t like pointless conversations or leisurely hanging around people either, unless they are family or close friends, of which, I only have 2 bff’s, so that pretty much eliminates everyone. I’m a loner and enjoy it. I love peace and quiet. Did I say I don’t like people?

My favorite color is purple. My favorite animals are horses and owls. I have cats, but not a huge fan of cats, ironically, even though I grew up with dogs, I’m not a huge fan of them either. They take too much maintenance and I’m not willing to go out into the freezing weather to walk it. My favorite food is lasagna and my favorite place to be is quiet.

This is a nearly 20-year-old blog that I originally started in college at Hampton University as a place to vent my college-life rants. I resurrected it from an old backup file I found on a dusty hard drive I ran across lying around in my graveyard box of unused computer parts. My first website had many names, but this is from one of my first websites, at a time I did enjoy blogging, so I’m trying to get back to that. The original, original website, that even pre-dates 2004, was lost in a hard drive crash many eons ago, thanks to Western Digital. But I do enjoy reading and laughing at my old rants when I had much less fucks to give.

I debated about even resurrecting it because a blog is supposed to be a place to be candid, but I don’t even know if that’s safe now with I’m holier than thou internet vigilantes, American fragility and psyop employers, which is also a big part of why I stopped writing and didn’t come back. The internet used to be a place to express yourself without fear of retaliation, but now it’s become a place that just makes everyone toxic and miserable. Retaliation wasn’t even a thing, people read your blog, shrugged their shoulders and moved on, or stuck around, but now the internet has become a place where people doxx you and try to sabotage your life for not agreeing with them.

But anyway, this is my personal blog, take it or leave it, and feel free to comment. There will be errors. There will be cussing. I might even piss you off, but there is no perfection here. Pictures will be from high to low quality. Clear to grainy. There are no supermodels or pro photographers here, there’s only me and my phone, so I’m not going to put on stupid filters to make myself look dreamy or younger – I earned 45 bitch! And there is definitely no political correctness here. If you want that, then go see the rest of the internet.

I do syndicate some of the content I’m proud of to other platforms like Medium and Hive, but everything is organically written here first and then shared to them.

Personal blogs are a thing of a past, if it isn’t selling something, but if you want to read an old-fashioned blog just for the hell of it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 🦉