My Response to the Huffington Post: Tommy Sotomayor, Atlanta Radio Host, Blames Single Black Mothers For Young Gay Men

Huffington Post where in Tommy Sotomayor’s video did he say or even imply that single black mothers are to blame for young gay men or boys?  I have seen Tommy’s previous videos, I’m actually quite a fan of his YouTube videos and very familiar with his content.  Although I don’t agree with all of them, he still brings up good points of things I see every day in my neighborhood and never once in his videos has he said anything against gay people.  Not ever, not even once, so naturally I was shocked when I saw this headline claiming that Tommy was blaming black women for gay black men because it would be out of character for his content.  

It doesn’t even sound like anything he would say and sure enough I watched the video and he didn’t say any of what you claim in your headline at all.  I kept looking for it in the video where he was going to say what you were talking about, but he never did.  It makes me want to ask you, did YOU even watch the video? So basically, you lied on Tommy. Way to stoop so low HuffPost.

What your headline should say is “Tommy Sotomayor, Atlanta Radio Host, Blames Single Black Mothers For Black Childrens’ Upbringing” because that is what this video is about and he said numerous times in the video that he didn’t have a problem with the kids’ sexual orientation, it was the fact they were out there rapping about sexual activities and putting it on blast on the Internet. What disciplined child does that?  The kids in my family sure wouldn’t; they have better respect for themselves than that.  Tommy was talking about how black women are quick to jump up and beat on their chests to claim responsibility when their child is a success but when that child is a failure they won’t claim the responsibility for that but blame their fathers for not being there when it was them who chose their father in the first place; he was talking about The Black Hypocrisy.  And what happens when you talk about The Black Hypocrisy? Black women get all rabid about it; obviously I am not referring to all black women but those who this pertains to and I see what Tommy’s talking about everyday so I can relate and understand what he’s referring to.

Now everyone is fully aware it takes two people to create a child, however most of the time its the guys who approach girls and girls need to just walk away from the fail and that’s not happening. These girls, and women, are just going along with the failure guys and then talk about how “their daddy ain’t shit”.

Maybe you HuffPost having probably never set foot in a poor black community have never seen such a thing so it may seem stereotypical to you, but believe me, it’s very real and I’ve lived in two poor black neighborhoods my entire life and it was the same crap even though I was in different cities.

I see Tommy’s point but it seems unfortunately from many of the  HuffPost comments they didn’t even watch the video, they only read the headline, took it for face value and began commenting about anti-gay comments that Tommy never even made even though the video was right there for them to watch.  The people who made the comments were too lazy to watch an 18 minute video and just assumed what you said in your headline was true and so they ran with it. Good job stooping to tabloid level journalism HuffPost.

American society is just pathetic.  The amount of lemmingry, people who take things for face value just because someone said it without fact-checking to verify its validity, is just astounding.  I read a study that was gaining some truth behind skinny people being smarter than fat people. Well, since America seems to be the nation of fat people, what  does that say about us?


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3 thoughts on “My Response to the Huffington Post: Tommy Sotomayor, Atlanta Radio Host, Blames Single Black Mothers For Young Gay Men”
  1. it's dirty journalism. you can call it slander even. the abuse of using one's position of power of having a large public audience in the attempt to discredit or publicly humiliate someone out of a personal vendetta or agenda.

  2. Yep. It's quite scary how people believe anything anyone says without fact-checking even when the facts are right there in front of them. Makes me scared of what else people will so blindly believe and are so easily led in the direction the Pied Piper wants them to go, even if it's off a cliff.

  3. I didn't hear him say that either, he literally said I have nothing against your sexual preferences. The point was, how young are these boys and how graphic they are, where are they getting it from? I can hardly believe how the headline twisted it, AND they put the video up of him NOT saying that.. bizarre

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