I love my Dell Mini 10 netbook; it fits in my purse, it’s light, it’s small and I can take it anywhere, but now I have hit a brick wall with compatibility on it.  I knew this time would come eventually but kept putting it in the back of my mind. It had been a while since I turned the netbook on and it looked like I had nothing but a bunch of random junk so I used the system restore to just set the whole thing back to default; it takes like 5 minutes anyway.  When I restored it, to my dismay it looked like alot of the software I do use, are no longer supported on Windows XP.  I used to have Skydrive on it but it seems that Microsoft yanked the support for it as now it only supports Windows Vista and above.  Internet Explorer died.  I am stuck with IE8 because IE9 is not compatible with XP and which is no longer supported by Google and some web sites don’t display properly or not at all.  In a nutshell it was pretty pathetic and annoying.

I didn’t know for sure if Windows 7 would run on a Dell Mini because these things were designed to be streamlined.  The name of them “netbook” is pretty much all it was intended to do; access the Internet.  They do not have powerful processors and the max amount of memory they support is 2GB.  It’s pretty much a tablet with Windows if you rip off the keyboard and yes they also can run Android OS.  So I already knew from jump that Windows 7 was probably a no-go on this thing so I’ve put it off as I know the video card is also going to be a problem since it doesn’t support Aero, although that’s just eyecandy.  Performance was also a concern for me because I knew it would install but could Windodws 7 run efficiently on a Dell Mini?

So today I put that question to the test.  I don’t use the netbook much anymore as I used to since I no longer commute to work, it’s just been sitting in the closet for months.  I don’t have anything to lose just for trying it out so as I sit writing this, Windows 7 is now installing on my netbook, so I’ll let you know how it turns out …

Well, Windows 7 install completed and I have to say I am amazed.  I wasn’t expecting Aero to work because when I did the Windows 7 system check, it told me Aero would not work on the Dell Mini 10’s video card.  Lies.  It runs pretty fast, much faster than XP me thinks but then again I haven’t installed anything on it yet either.  Usually computers start to show their true colors once you start putting your programs on it.  As I said before these things weren’t meant for much so all I’m installing on it is probably Office.  I might consider Chrome but it also struggled to run fast in XP.


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One thought on “My Dell Mini 10 and Windows 7”
  1. Well, I couldn't resist not piling all my programs on it and it seems to still be performing nicely and still faster than with XP, although I did remove everything from the startup except a few things that were needed. The things I kept in the startup were Capslocknotify, Autohotkey, Wireless disable/enable, Phonerlite and Microsoft Security Essentials.

    For some reason though my battery got murdered. My battery used to last a little over an hour but now it lasts about 30 minutes, if that long, and now gives me a message to replace my battery, so something in Windows 7 is tanking my battery. I tried uninstalling/re installing the ACPI management in Device Manager but that did not work, so I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with my battery.

    Now I didn't upgrade the memory so I'm still running around with 1GB stock RAM so I won't be doing much multi-tasking, but then again this netbook sucked at multi-tasking anyway even under XP; they were never designed to handle a heavy load.

    Other than the battery, the Dell Mini 10v works perfect with Windows 7 32-bit so if you've been holding off on it, go for it.

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