Open Your Eye, We’ve All Been Lied To

These last few days have been weird and I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed lately.  Depression?  I don’t know because I have nothing to be depressed about, but if it is depression I am not depressed for myself, I am depressed for everyone else because they are blind.  When I think of myself It’s strange, can’, I feel mentally I am “free”.  It explain it all but I can attempt to.

As I see the people around me, I see degradation and I’m not talking about a degradation in values or morals or anything like that. It’s a degradation of self, of who we are and what we are becoming.  I just started noticing it a few years ago while sitting in traffic commuting to work; I call it my Matrix Moment.  For some reason while I’m sitting there in stopped traffic it was as if I “woke up”. I looked around me and then into the distance at the miles and miles of stopped cars.  All I could think of was “system”.  The best I can explain it are cows being herded into a barn.

I finally got to work and as I walked through the door and everyone in their business suits walking in and between the aisles, again the thought “system” came to mind.  I sat at my desk and all of sudden it hit me, that all of this was meaningless.  I thought to myself, does anyone see this but me?  Yes people bitch and moan about how they hate their jobs and so forth, but do they actually SEE it?  They go right back to doing what they did before so I don’t know if they see it and just go back to “the herd” because it’s the easier thing to do, they feel there is no way out of it or do they honestly not see it?

When it comes to describing it in the form of nature, we are somewhere between a drone and worker.  If our food was cut off we’d all panic and die because like a drone bee, we wouldn’t be able to feed ourselves and just die.  All of this for what?  You can’t take anything with you.  Who died and said to us that a 2.61″x 6.14″  piece of paper and named it “money” somehow matters and then built an entire empire around the idea so that the lie and deception manifests itself so now that in a way it DOES matter? So you are dependent on it and made it extremely difficult to leave it?  Who made all this up and then drug us all into it?  Who is really free?  Why can’t I leave it?  Why can’t I opt-out without being forced into being taxed or fined to death?  Who’s really free? The American or the tribal man out in the Amazon? Why should money be important? Why should credit be important?  Why is driving a car so important? Why is the status quo important?  Why can’t I be a simple commoner who lives on a meager income and still be able to afford to live and retire?  Why should I have to be rich in order not to struggle?  Why do I have to work?  Why does what I love to do and what makes me happy returns no income unless I am rich?  Why does everyone have to sell their soul and every breath to this system in order to have full access to life?

Then it dawned on me, because we Americans are not free and never have been.  Freedom in America never started, it was all the “American Dream”.  When the Euro’s dropped anchor on the shores of North America, their “pursuit of happiness” was pursuit for “their own” happiness to use us all as cattle for their own riches.  The American Dream is just the carrot dangled in front of our noses from the moment we come to understanding of the world around our teenage time.  They taunt us with sure you can have what we have … as long as you pay tithes your entire lives, give your earnings to banks and your body power to our corporate system.  By the time you’re done, your too effin worn out, old or laden with diseases and disorders to even get off the couch to enjoy what’s left in your life.  THIS is why Joan of Arc led the French army at the age of 17, people were FREE then. Free to change evil. FREE to live as they pleased. FREE to stand up for those who could not.  Some people seem content with this and see no problem with it.  But I do because it is MY life and I when I came into it, I didn’t owe anyone a favor except my family and even that is by choice.

Since I came to this realization, the sun seems to shine brighter.  The best I can describe it is “gamma”.  And I look at people as if they were “things” or some kind of cattle being prodded in every direction but at the same time always into the same direction; the slaughter.  Kind of like when Neo was riding in the car looking at all the people who hadn’t been “unplugged”.

I see how gullible people are today and so now, yes I do believe that the claim to “freedom” was in the biggest hoax of all just like religion.  And this is not just true to America, but true to all developed countries in some shape or form.  All a hoax to control an entire nation of people.

I am sure there are people out there who feel the same as me, so I’m not going to fill my entire web site about it, I created a new site called Judas Goat just for “eye-opening” discussion.  Feel free to join it.


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