There Is No “Muslim Invasion”

The amount of people who actually believe there is a Muslim invasion to the United States is astounding. The conspiracy theories would actually be funny … if laws weren’t actually being passed to support them.
The same thing was said about Jews and the Japanese. Don’t y’all see the fuckin pattern of lies and scapegoating? I feel like there are just everyday Americans like me and then there are the anti-American cultists, like Trump loyalists, that are about to destroy this country based on a conspiracy theory that doesn’t exist.

Trump’s Lies

The goal of Trump is not to just tell lies, but to tell as many lies as possible so as to make the public doubt anything they hear. This will ultimately cause people to discredit the press, even vetted research from scholars and make Trump loyalists believe that he is the only source of “true” information.

The Decline of US Democracy

The decline in the US democracy score reflects an erosion of confidence in government and public institutions over many years. According to the Pew Research Centre, public trust in government has been on a steady downward trend since shortly after the September 11th attacks in 2001. Donald Trump won the November 2016 presidential election by exploiting this trust deficit and tapping into Americans’ anger and frustration with the functioning of their democratic institutions and representatives. He positioned himself as the insurgent candidate, a political outsider taking on a “rigged system” who would “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC. However, his candidacy was not the cause of the deterioration in trust but rather a consequence of it.

Source: The Nation

Trump’s Wall Won’t Work and Here’s Why

Most Americans have a Hollywood view of how Mexicans get here illegally. Digging tunnels under the wall or jumping the fence to dodge hound dogs and bullets from border patrol, while it still does happen, is pretty much outdated. Most get here by much modern means in several ways which have nothing to do with wall-jumping  or cutting holes in the fence because they don’t have to.

The majority of Mexicans coming to the US illegally, get here with the help of other Americans by bribing border patrol profiting off of illegal immigration, human trafficking or the forever controversial, US H1B Work Visa. With this visa, American companies mass hire internationally to save on paying taxes, get perks and the people they bring just overstay their visas because they aren’t tracked and they know it; this goes for every immigrant that comes to the United States and not just Mexicans. In every way, they get here because Americans themselves brought them here and not because they’re just jumping the wall that already exists. In the case of bribing border patrol, it is Americans who are also getting them housing, fake IDs and social security numbers; in fact, that’s part of the package when they pay off Americans who are smuggling them here. All they have to do is keep quiet, lay low and not get in trouble or risk getting caught and deported.

I call it the Mexican Underground Railroad named after Harriet Tubman who smuggled Africans from the enslaved South to the free North which I personally believe is how the Mexicans and the Americans helping them, got the idea. To put it simple, there is an entire underground network of Americans that spans from Texas, Arizona, California and all the way up to the New England states, bringing them here and making a profit off illegal immigration.  If the Mexicans have the money to pay and willing to take the risks of getting caught, then that’s the sacrifice they make because legal immigration is too long and too expensive. The network is nationwide, massive, cannot be stopped and Trump’s wall will not even put a dent in it, in fact the network collaborators are probably laughing at the whole idea of a wall altogether; they may even raise the prices on their “illegal immigration package” fees due to “higher risks”. Stopping illegal immigration would be like the war on drugs – lots of dead bodies, broken families and horror stories with pages upon pages of statistics proving poor results – all because someone was born only a few miles on the wrong side of the fence. Immigration reform and not immigration “morgue” is the more logical option.  Mexicans are people, not animals you can keep locked in a cage so let’s treat them that way; especially since many come here because the United States, by the way of Walmart, ruined their economy and destroyed their jobs in the process, which is why they’re coming here.

I said all this to say Donald Trump is about to get the American people locked into a really bad investment deal, over a brash decision that he has not thought through critically. We will end up paying for this wall long after his presidency is over and probably still after he is dead and long gone; it’s not going to go how you think it’s going to go and it’s probably more likely to get torn down or the building of it ceased before it’s even paid for. The Mexicans who are coming illegally are not getting here on their own and that wall will stop nothing. The proposal of a wall to stop illegal immigration is based on a stereotype and will only stop the few that do try to jump it. It will be a bad investment because it will cost millions but will not stop millions of dollars of illegal immigrants because the majority of them are not getting here that way.

The border between Mexico and the United States is 640 miles and I’d rather see or crumbling infrastructure upgraded (which would create thousands of jobs for the American worker) or 640 miles of train tracks for a national passenger railroad system that we badly need instead of a primitive wall. After all, just ask Germany and China about the longevity and effectiveness of walls; the people of Germany tore their’s down and the Great Wall of China was breached. Where there is a will, there is a way to destroy any wall no matter how wide or tall. A wall has never stopped anybody and never will.