There are 3 types of people who ruin a neighborhood. The insane, the emotional and those with no home training.

The insane are the untreated, severely mentally ill, drug addicts and alcoholics, who have violent outbursts causing them to be a danger to everyone and everything around them. The emotional are people who haven’t learned to cope with their feelings, so they take their anger out on their friends, loved ones and colleagues. And those with no home training are people who have no respect or regard for human life, damage other peoples’ property, and other mischievous activities that they should have grown out of in childhood.

Those who don’t know how to quell their emotions and having no home training are especially concerning to the innocent people around them because they are the result of irresponsible parents ignoring them as kids, so they never matured into decent human beings. As a result, they grew up with no discipline, and stuck in a stage of immaturity, evolving into spoiled adult brats who feel like somehow the world should pay for their own self-inflicted problems when they don’t get their way.

Having a few of these types of people in a neighborhood is expected, a handful of them won’t turn the tide of the neighborhood, those can’t be helped, However, when you have a large portion of these 3 types of people living in one area, or these 3 types become the norm of the “culture” in a specific area, then it’s a recipe to ruin a perfectly good neighborhood. Vandalism, violence, debauchery, crime, poor living conditions and squalor is occurs everywhere because it’s all these types of people produce.

Today, while just chilling on a nice day, I walked down the street and noticed the windows on all of the cars had been busted out and their interiors vandalized. It was especialy disheartening because this is a poor neighborhood and it’s bad poor people just preying on other poor people. This is why we can’t have nice things.

We need people who opted to become parents to stop breeding and raising degenerates into the world for the rest of us to deal with. Full stop. 🦉


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