so today i get sent home by my supervisor at work because …

My corduroy pants look like jeans.

i mean come on … for the love of god, what kind of bullshit is that? of all the retarded petty shit in the world, i get sent home (off the clock) to change my clothes … not because i’m not doing my work, not because i’m not following work procedures … but because MY CORDUROY PANTS **LOOK LIKE** JEANS. i’m still in like “wow” over it. i’m just thinking about how petty and insignifigant to send someone home from work for that is. what has this world come to where i’m sitting at a desk, you can’t even see my legs unless i get up from my desk and besides … who cares? how are wearing corduroys affecting my job ablities? i’m sitting on a phone where no one even friggin sees me anyways. well the thing is that she said there were corporate “guests” touring the building … um who really gives a fuck? are they going to come ALLLLLLLLL the way to my desk to come stare at my legs? I’m wearing all black “as usual” so are they going to stare at the threads in my pants to see if they are jeans?

She also said I was wearing Timberlands and I had to change those as well. ~_~
I looked up the dress code when I first came here 7 months ago. And I’ve been wearing my corduroys and my Timberland boots over the course of the 7 months I’ve been here. So why am i just NOW being confronted with this 7 months later? I have read the dress code forward and backwards when I was hired and no where does it say I can’t wear boots or corduroy pants. And besides, I had my pants pulled over the top of the boots so they looked like flat regular shoes. It’s not like I was walkin around two-steppin, with a ballcap to the side, trying to look like Chingy or something. /sigh

of course i did not drive all the 25 miles back home and another 25 miles back to work, i just went to wal-mart and bought me a pair of cute mary janes and i had an “emergency bullshit” pair of plain black pants in my car. i keep my “emergency bullshit” pants in my car in moments of unexpected bullshit (such as this one).

and of course … these cute mary janes are going right back to the store when i get off work.

i feel like i’m a pretty fair person and yeah i could have taken the issue further and been a bitch about it. but what i DON’T like is when ppl confront me with petty, insignifigant, meaningless, bullshit. if you’re going to confront me, confront me with something that is cataclysmic; something that really fuckin matters and has importance. not because MY CORDUROYS MAY POSSIBLY, MAYBE, LOOK LIKE, JEANS



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